A treatment that's safer than paracetamol*

Australian scientists discovered it killed SARS-COV-2 stone cold in 48 hours.

It has an unparalleled safety profile with 3.7 billion doses administered in humans over 35+ years and it's won a Nobel Prize for treating infections.

It’s called ivermectin. The problem?

It’s banned for use in the treatment and prevention of COVID-19

Why has ivermectin been banned in Australia?

It’s off-patent & very cheap which means extremely small profit for pharmaceutical companies.

Newly patented COVID drugs/vaccines have made and will continue to make billions of dollars.

Emergency use of new COVID medicines can only be granted when no alternatives are available.


Australians have signed their names to demand the TGA unban ivermectin AND stop interfering in the Doctor - Patient relationship.


Uttar Pradesh, India with a population of 230 million went from 35,000 cases and 350 deaths per day to nearly zero within weeks after using ivermectin.

We have suffered enough

It's time to unite, to bring back the Australia we once knew and loved. No more division, no more broken promises, no more unnecessary covid deaths, lockdowns, business and school closures. Ivermectin has the power to change things overnight. We’ve seen it happen in Uttar Pradesh, it can happen here too.

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YOU MUST ACT NOW. The TGA has no place interfering in the Doctor - Patient relationship and must unban ivermectin immediately. Show the TGA you support this message by signing your name below. It's time they put the interests of patients first.

One more crucial step

A seperate Parliament petition requesting the House of Representatives repeal the TGA's ban on ivermectin is about to end. Every action you take counts but we only have a few days left to get 100,000 signatures. Sign today to show your support and help save lives.

*Source DAEN - Ivermectin 27 adverse events reports, Paracetamol 4617 since 1987